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Acceptable Face Mask Patterns

Pleated Rectangular Pattern


These masks are rectangular and come in various sizes. Currently we are die cutting them with the dimensions of 6"x 9" for adult masks. We are waiting on a die that we cut 8"x 9", which we've been told produces a better fitting mask. Acceptable tie variations can be found below the video.

The step by step instructions provided by Akron Children's Hospital can be downloaded here

6"x 9" Adult Face Masks Instructions

Over-The-Nose "Hatchet Cut" Pattern

We have the die but have not cut these yet

These masks are in the shape of an axe blade and come in various sizes. We aren't die cutting this pattern yet but will accept donations of face masks using this pattern.

Acceptable Face Mask Ties/Bands

All ties should be made out of either 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, Cotton & Polyester Blend, or NON-Latex Elastic.
These ties should be between 1/4" & 3/8" in width. The length depends on the tie method.

1 Tie Strung Through The Side Loops

Loops can be 48" to 50" and should be made out of flat fabric. Shoe laces are acceptable but must meet this criteria.

4 Separate Ties At Each Corner

Each tie should be between 14" and 20" in length.
We like 15" to 18" the best.

Elastic (non-latex) Ear Loops

Elastic ear loops should be cut to 7" in length and sewn inside the seam.

Soft Fabric Ear Loops

2 Ties Sewn Across The Edge Vertical or Horizontal

On the sides tie length should be 32" in length
Over the top & bottom should be 37" in length

Thin Elastic Ear Loops

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